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5 Things You Should Know About Website DIY
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We manage your Google Ads accounts targeting the keywords that will drive your ideal clients to your site. By investing in Google Ads, you will help eager buyers find your services and products who wouldn’t necessarily find it through organic search engine optimization techniques.

  • 5 Things You Should Know About Website DIY

Google Ads is the most profitable form of online advertising

Google AdWords

It is also complex, ever-evolving & time consuming. We have the ad management skills and expertise to manage all of your pay per click campaigns, no matter how complex.

Our profit-focused Google Ad Experts will develop your Google Ads Campaign to be cost-effective and tailored to reach the clients you want.

We provide everything from a tailored keyword strategy and well-crafted ads through to detailed reporting and analysis.

our goal with your investment is to

turn each dollar into profit

Research & Discovery

We will learn as much as we can about you and your business, including the details of your target audience and your profit margins.

Competitive Research

We will take the time to understand your industry, who the different players are (learn from your cmpetitors) and the keywords that they are using.

campaign creation

We will turn our research into an effective Pay-Per-Click strategy, developing campaigns that maximize profitability.

Detailed Reporting

As the data rolls in, we will adjust and pivot where necessary, and have a monthly meeting with you.

KP Design has been managing my Ad Campaign and since making my ad live, I have been booked solid for 3 months!

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