Graphic Design

Communicate Broadly to the Right Audience with Creative Design

Graphic design services can play a vital role in your business. Your brand will come across cohesive and professional, building trust with the right clients.

Compelling Designs

A full range of professional designs: custom document design, print collateral, social media design, online advertisements & more!

Custom Document Design

Enriching credibility, accessibility, and legibility of your professional documents through design & function.

KP Design creates business forms in several different formats:

Printable (to be filled out by hand), Digital (forms filled out on a computer) and Web Forms (filled and submitted online through a browser). Digital forms feature rich, interactive and user friendly features such as input validations, date picker, list boxes, automatic calculations and digital signatures.

KP Design has experience in creating Custom Business Forms in Word, InDesign, Google Docs, Adobe Acrobat and HTML.

Design can be a powerful means of retaining customers and positioning your business to move into new markets. Fresh designs will keep your customers interested.

Print | Paper Design

Establish your brand’s worthiness & communicate broadly to the right target audience with Paper & Print Designs.

Print remains a beautifully pure form of brand advertising. In a world where everything digital rules, there are times when nothing beats the feeling of paper between your fingertips.

Print Design Services

Business Cards
Banners & Displays
Invitations & Stationary
Tradeshow Booths
Catalogues & Brochures
Packaging Design & more!

Kati Pauls

Your Creative Graphic Design Partner

My mission is to help you be clear about who you are and communicate your abilities in a way that is authentic and trustworthy. You will feel comfortable and proud of your online presence, attracting the exact clients that you want to work with.

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