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Managed WordPress hosting has changed the game for our website building company. We have had our share of experiences with all kinds of website hosting companies over the years. Clients come to us with hosting already in place, which means we have to work as a liaison between designing the website and working with the hosting company to ensure everything from setup to launch is optimized for a WordPress website. When we started our company, our own website was hosted with one of these large hosting companies who offer such a vast array of services it makes it difficult for them to be able to offer amazing customer service for any one product. 

Enter WordPress-specific hosting. We were at a WordPress event in 2019 and were introduced to FlyWheel as a solution to the frustrations of dealing with other hosting companies. We did our research, spoke with FlyWheel and, as with any business-related decision, hesitatingly gave them a shot to take our website building process to the next level. WE HAVE NOT BEEN DISAPPOINTED! What a difference it has made to have hosting taken care of by WordPress experts while making our sites lightning fast and secure. 

Time and again we have clients ask us about the benefits of using managed WordPress hosting. So here it is, for our clients and anyone else thinking about making a change to a better hosting solution.

why you should use a managed wordpress hosting platform

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They are WordPress experts: Managed hosting providers are focused on a single content management system (CMS). The people behind the product are more experienced and able to help with a wide variety of WordPress questions because they know WordPress inside and out.

Outstanding Customer Service: Managed hosts tend to prioritize the support they offer their customers, things like 24/7 chat, in-app ticketing and community forums. A managed WordPress host is like having an outsourced IT department that you can tap into at any time.

Super Safety: An important feature a managed hots can offer is their ability to remove malware. If your site does get hacked, often a managed WordPress host’s support team can help by fixing all of the problems quickly. Our hosting platform includes the removal of malware for free with any hosting package.

A Better WordPress Experience: With a managed WordPress host, you’ll find all of the previous benefits add up to an amazing WordPress experience. This means your site will likely have better uptime, load faster, and see less hiccups than it currently does.

WordPress Optimized: KP Design’s hosting plan uses a cloud platform that includes a custom caching engine that takes into account WordPress themes and plugins for an optimized setup, with absolutely no work on your end. With a managed WordPress host, you’ll see major benefits as they understand how to properly optimize your servers based on the types of themes and plugins you are running.

Performance Enhancements: Managed hosting providers will also offer performance enhancements like a content delivery network (CDN), with server locations around the world and instant-scaling technology. Don’t let these terms overwhelm you – since you’re working with KP Design, these powerful features will be set up by us!

KP Design

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While you can certainly optimize your WordPress site on other types of hosting providers, it requires a lot of tinkering on your end. This is where the value of a managed host, combined with a knowledgeable website developer, shows itself.

KP Design will help you avoid the hassles of server maintenance so you can focus on your business.

still not convinced? here are a few more benefits of using a managed wordpress hosting platform.

The security and performance benefits alone make a managed WordPress host worth it. Your brand will be protected from the pitfalls of downtime or hacked sites. You know that padlock you see in the browser next to a URL? Or the “connection is not secure” warning the browser displays? That’s all based on whether or not a website has an SSL certificate installed. Managed WordPress hosts have made it incredibly easy to add to your site – in fact, you don’t have to worry about it at all. KP Design activates the SSL certificate upon launch of your new site.

Security plugins and caching optimizers are no longer needed when you partner with a managed WordPress host! KP Design takes care of these site optimizations for you.

When you host your site on a managed WordPress host, you’ll likely be able to deactivate:

Who is managed hosting best for (besides everybody)?

Any drawbacks to using a managed wordpress hosting platform?

Nothing is perfect, but managed WordPress hosting comes pretty darn close. If we had to choose a drawback, it would be that most managed WordPress hosts don’t offer email or domains. A lot of businesses like to have professional email addresses such as info@… for business cards, brochures, etc. Most entrepreneurs also think that where they purchase their domain from means they have to host it there as well. There are lots of options for email addresses (Google and Microsoft to name a few). There are also lots of places to purchase domain names  (NameCheap, GoDaddy, etc.). 

While that may sound inconvenient, it speaks to the fact that managed WordPress hosts are laser-focused on WordPress solutions. While they could offer these other services, it would inevitably take away from their WordPress specific customer support. They would rather focus on building the best managed hosting platform for your site so that you have the best WordPress website experience.

the long & the short of it is...

the pros outweight the cons

The advantages of managed WordPress hosting outweigh the cons. If you’re not quire sure, please keep in mind the following issues and their associated costs when considering which hosting is right for you:

When should you upgrade to managed wordpress hosting?

If you’re currently on a shared hosting setup, you’re probably wondering, when’s the right time to make the move to managed WordPress hosting? If you made it this far through the blog post, then the right time is now!

Unfortunately people wait until something very bad has happened to their website to make the decision to switch their hosting. Either their site has crashed on a shared server, or their site is continuously “down” because of hacking. Whatever the reason, if there are issues with your website being offline or slow to load, this translates to a loss of revenue, opportunities for new business with potential clients, or trust in your business. 

Here are a few things to be on the lookout for if you’re wondering about switching to managed WordPress hosting:

have we convinced you yet?

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An optimized, well-performing website is designed to help you earn more money. A slow or hacked website will cost you in sales and clients every day. Book a consultation today to discuss how we can help you.