The Teulon Rodeo Club

The Challenge

The Teulon Rodeo Club, located in the small town of Teulon in Manitoba, brings the sport of rodeo to their community year after year.

The website that they were using was outdated, plainly designed and offered users no engagement. The club was looking to interact more with their community to ensure the future of the rodeo would be ongoing.

We had several discussions regarding how we could use the internet to promote our event and then talked to several website builders. The one who provided us with the most professional quote happened to be the one who was also highly recommended by one of our members.”

The KP Design Solution

I started out by taking their existing logo (which they did not want to change) and put together a brand board. Once the colors, sub-logos and typography were approved I was able to move on to the website design & development.

Responsive Website Design & Development

From the Client…

I volunteered to work with Kati and provide the data that was going to be required to get the job done. We wanted a professional site that not only promoted our organization but also one which would allow us to use the site to help our day to day business. Kati was able to hit the nail on the head with each of those requirements. I cannot compliment Kati enough for what she was able to do for us in a very short period of time. She is very professional and was a delight to work with. You can tell we depend on sponsors to keep us supported and she was able to highlight their importance exactly how we envisioned. Thanks Kati, for a job well done!

– Don Bean & The Teulon Rodeo Club