Thibault Contracting Ltd.

The Client

I was contracted to design a website for Thibault Contracting Ltd. I was given a business card with a green and black color scheme and no graphics. The client expressed a fondness for service icons and wanted a static banner at the top of the website.

My workflow from there consisted of 2 solid days of industry research (sewer and excavation), designing with a monochromatic color scheme, and then creating a web design based on Bootstrap’s grid.

The result is a bright, clean and easy to navigate design with the goal to get users to call Thibault Contracting for all their sewer and excavation needs.

Website Design

Kati Pauls

Kati Pauls

Your Creative Graphic Design Partner

My mission is to help you be clear about who you are and communicate your abilities in a way that is authentic and trustworthy. You will feel comfortable and proud of your online presence, attracting the exact clients that you want to work with.

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