VIP Maintenance

I strive to build long-lasting partnerships with my clients.

Perfect for those who have enough marketing materials needed on a monthly basis, but don’t want to hire a full time designer, photographer or social media manager.

Creativity At Your Fingertips

With my VIP Maintenance Program, I become your on-demand creative consultant, giving you the opportunity to utilize my services over time and on your schedule.

You’ve invested money in a new look for your business, either through branding, a website or both. Wouldn’t you like to get the most return from this investment? That’s where having a graphic designer as a long term partner comes in handy.

I will be there with you, supporting your business goals and keeping your brand assets in line.

The Benefits

Professional quality graphics in your business can up your game substantially

As a retainer client, your projects receive first priority in scheduling – YOU COME FIRST!

Discounted design, print & service rates

No agreements to sign for each individual project and no per-project cost

Extremely fast turnaround for routine designs

What’s Included

Collateral Design (business cards, flyers, posters, direct mailers, brochures & more!)

Digital Design (social media share graphics and cover photos, email templates, graphics for online ads)

Website Maintenance (backups, plugin updates, content updates)

Consulting Services (guiding your web developer through design changes, helping you brainstorm a design or marketing idea)

What’s Not Included

Logo Design
Branding Services
Website Creation
Copy Writing

VIP Maintenance means you can get back to business and out of Photoshop!


I do my best to make sure you stay up-to-date on the status of your retainer hours, but ultimately it’s your responsibility to make sure they’re used within the monthly time frame.

Unused hours (up to 5) may be carried over if you are using the Full Package. Unused hours in all other packages are forfeited.

If you require additional hours of service within the billing period, you will be billed at the same rate as the retainer, not the normal bill rate.

The VIP Maintenance Packages

Reserve my creative time with VIP Maintenance! Since its purpose is to retain my services, it is paid up front each month before work is ordered.

*Space is limited for this service

Graphic Design Packages

VIP Package 1

2 hours of design work
$0 discount
No rollover

VIP Package 2

5 hours of design work
$25 discount
No rollover

VIP Package 3

10 hours of design work
$70 discount
No rollover

Full VIP Package

20 hours of design work
$200 discount
Up to 5 hours rollover

Website Design Packages

VIP Web Package 1

2 hours of web maintenance
FREE Plugin & Theme updates
No rollover

VIP Web Package 2

3.5 hours of web maintenance
FREE Plugin & Theme updates
No rollover

VIP Web Package 3

6 hours of web maintenance
FREE Plugin & Theme updates
No rollover

Full VIP Web Package

8 hours of web maintenance
FREE Plugin & Theme updates
Up to 2 hours rollover

Kati Pauls

Kati Pauls

Your Creative Graphic Design Partner

My mission is to help you be clear about who you are and communicate your abilities in a way that is authentic and trustworthy. You will feel comfortable and proud of your online presence, attracting the exact clients that you want to work with.

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