Affordable, mobile-friendly websites developed specifically for child care providers.

Build stronger relationships with parents & engage them in children’s learning & development.

Your beautiful new website will help parents feel good about leaving their children in your care.

Let your website feature all of the wonderful things your centre, your staff and your curriculum has to offer.

Establish an authentic connection with families!

Website Design for Knox Day Nursery | Winnipeg, MB

Does this describe you?

I am so busy there’s no time for anything else!

You’re doing payroll, managing employee schedules, making sure your license is up to date, making sure rules and regulations are being followed – you have no time to spare!

My Centre has empty spots that need to be filled!

You are looking to attract new families to your Centre but you are having a hard time competing with all of the facilities in your area.

My staff roster is a revolving door

You are having a hard time finding qualified staff and you dread having to put together another ad in the local newspaper.

I am having a hard time keeping parents updated

You are so busy running your Centre that you don’t have time to design and create content for a monthly newsletter.

I know I need a professional website but I’m worried about my limited budget

You know that parents are looking online first before choosing a daycare for their kids. You know that your current families would appreciate a responsive, user-friendly website. You are worried that hiring a professional web designer would cost too much.

Hiring KP Design provides you with the flexibility of running your business while allowing an experienced web designer to build and maintain your Centre’s website.

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Web Design for MACCPF | Winnipeg, MB

Your Centre Website will…


Update Current Parents

Your daycare website should offer all the basic information families need including items like your hours of operations, meal plans, rates and fees, and rules of your center for easy reference.


Promote Communication

Your daycare website should provide families everything they need to communicate with you. List all contact information, including your telephone number, email and physical address so parents can find this at a glance.


Attract New Families

Your website should be regularly updated with fresh content and news so you can be seen as engaged, communicative and transparent. This will show that you care about parent involvement in your daycare.

KP Design will help raise your profile, portray the right image and communicate effectively with your families and the community.

Kati Pauls

Kati Pauls

Your Creative Graphic Design Partner

My mission is to help you be clear about who you are and communicate your abilities in a way that is authentic and trustworthy. You will feel comfortable and proud of your online presence, attracting the exact clients that you want to work with.

You don’t need more work burden that isn’t focused on the kids. You need a creative partner!

I can help you with…

A Custom Website

Your Centre website will be professionally designed to look great, easy for visitors to navigate and find Centre information, and will look amazing on any device!

Benefits of a custom website:

  • Put Parents At Ease: Your beautiful new website will help parents feel good about leaving their children in your care.
  • Share the Load: Let your new website do some of the work for you. Clearly displayed information will answer important questions and keep families up to date on what’s happening at the Centre.
  • Stand out in your Community: Give your community something strong to stand behind. Investing in a website will not only make you feel proud, but will positively affect parents, potential families & other organizations who come in contact with your brand.
  • Get Blogging: Blogging offers a wealth of knowledge not only for your families but also for the community. Your Staff will have the opportunity to share their expertise, tips and experiences.


A strong brand inspires confidence and trust in your Centre. A familiar and cohesive design will be applied to all mediums, from your website to print materials.

Why Branding Matters:

Parents and caregivers need to recognize your business when they see or hear its name. If they can’t easily tell others about your center by name, how can anyone find you through referral?

Parents will choose a daycare over another based on their emotional reaction to the brand and how it reflects common values.

Your brand includes: colors, logo, corporate identity package, and other marketing materials

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